SouthPointe HOA

Neighbors Helping Neighbors…

SouthPointe HOA - Neighbors Helping Neighbors…

Mailbox Paint Colors

Letters have been going out for homeowners to repaint mailbox posts and the stripe. All mailbox posts should be freshly painted with the following required Sherwin Williams colors.

Post color Ivory Lace SW 7013

Stripe color Shade Grown SW 6188

Trash Can Delivery

New trash and recycling containers are expected to be delivered to all South Pointe homes very soon. Please read all material enclosed with the new containers. They won’t be used until the week of September 30th. We are expecting that our pick up days for trash, recycling and yard waste will change and that we may have a new trash company. We understand that there will be an excess of trash cans at homes for a few weeks in September. Violation letters will not be sent out for trash cans left outside but we do ask they everyone place them near their garage doors if they have to be left outside. After September 30th, trash cans will again be expected to be kept concealed.

Fall 2013 Pool News

The large cabana pool will be open 7 days a week from 9am-7pm.  In a few weeks the closing time will change to 6pm as per county health department guidelines.  The closing time will be posted on the sign on the pool gate.

August 26-September 15  Clubhouse pool hours will be 9-2 on weekdays and 9-7 on weekends.  Beginning September 16th the clubhouse pool will be closed for repairs and maintenance.  We are planning on cleaning the pool deck and clubhouse roof, making repairs to the tile and surface of the pool and repairing some areas of pavers on the pool deck.

When the maintenance is completed at the clubhouse pool, we will reopen that pool for the winter months and close the large cabana pool.  The larger pool is going to need some extensive and costly repairs to the marcite surface as it’s in pretty bad shape in some areas.  Expect that the large pool will be closed for most of the winter months as usual.  We are planning for the clubhouse pool to be open all winter and both pools to be open around the time of spring break.  Current pool hours will be posted on the gates of each pool.

Please report any problems immediately to Wise Property Management at 813-968-5665.


Community Meetings

Please register and login as a homeowner to view the community calendar of events. ARC meeting and Board meeting dates and times may be found here.

Please be aware that Board meeting dates may be subject to change.  A community sign will be posted at least two days before every Board meeting.  There will be an ARC meeting every month, but Board meetings only occur in odd numbered months.